Terrot 1920

Brand: Terrot

Production year: 20’s

Serial number: 43492

Size: 54,5 cm vertical, 58 cm Horizontal c/c

Conditions: preserved

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Terrot was one of the largest French manufacturers of bicycles, motorcycles, but also of cars, prams and strollers. Founded in 1887 by Charles Terrot in Dijon, Terrot originally specialized in knitting looms, inspired by the invention of a circular knitting machine model. Bicycle production began in 1890. Constantly at the forefront of novelties, in the Terrot catalogs we find bicycles with bevel gear transmission (erroneously called cardan joint) with a very refined style, bikes with hub gear from 1901, in 1907 retro pedalage, new chains, the first derailleurs in 1905 with the famous model H, speed changes on the crank axis and tandem in 1894. In 1914, the company was the fourth largest manufacturer of French cycles and motorcycles. At the end of the First World War, the state took control of the factories suspecting that Terrot was in contact with the enemy, its financial capital being partly German. Terrot absorbed Magnat-Debon, a Grenoble-based company in 1924, and in the 1920s became the leading French motorcycle manufacturer, with the famous 125cm3 EP. In 1959 the Terrot factories passed under the control of Peugeot and at the end of 1961 the production of Terrot cycles and motorcycles ceased definitively. Anecdotally, employees called Terrot’s boss “the terrorist”. Terrot was a formidable producer, emblematic of the history of French industry.

The bike in question is in excellent condition with its original paint. Characteristic “bridge” frame that made it exceptionally robust. Mount a Terrot crankset. Terrot branded hubs with grease nipple. Rear brake Velo Bloc Course. Leather saddle. The bike has been conservatively restored, completely overhauled and is ready for use.


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