Gios Professional 1984

Brand: GIOS

Model: Professional

Production year: 1984

Serial number: 501027

Size: 54 cm vertical, 54 horizontal c/c

Condition: preserved

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Tolmino Gios in 1948, after an excellent cycling career, opened his workshop in Turin. Towards the end of the 1950s, the company moved to a new location to better deal with the increase in production required by the market, focusing on the construction of high-end bicycles and starting to supply the major cyclists in Italy. In the meantime his three children, Aldo, Adriano and Alfredo, enter the business alongside Tolmin.
In 1971 Giorgio Perfetti decided to create a professional team, Brooklin, and relies on Gios for the supply of the bikes. Thus was born the legendary "blue Gios" ". In 1975 Aldo Gios became the official mechanic of the Team, and given his ability, Roger De Vlaminck, he always wanted him by his side in all competitions.
In the meantime Aldo takes advantage of the experience as a mechanic, and in 1980 he developed the first fork head with an excavation in the upper part, in order to further reduce its weight; in 1981 he designed the first internal cable guide in the horizontal tube with watertight rubbers and in 1983 the precision cast movement box with bridge incorporated in it, which makes the rear carriage more rigid.
In 2010 Gios become third generation. Aldo Gios and his son Marco continue their 62-year-old activity by inaugurating the new Showroom in Volpiano, with the same philosophy that Tolmin would have; build high quality frames in Italy.
Gios bikes raced: Roger De Vlaminck, Roberto Visentini, Stephene Roche, Handy Hanmpsten.

The bike presented is in excellent storage conditions in its splendid “Gios blue” livery. Conditions like new. Mount Campagnolo Super Record group. 3TTT stem and handlebar. Sella San Marco “Rolls. Mavic GP4 rims.

The bike has been completely overhauled and is ready to ride.


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