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Vintage Cycling is a passion!

A passion that combines love for bike and sport with love for mechanical means and collecting. Moreover, vintage pedaling is a hymn to conviviality and being together. It means to find friends in the ever-growing number of “Ciclostoriche” (cycling evocation of past decades), share fatigue and experience, sit at the table and exchange stories about the just ended race.
Without anxiety about the result, pedaling becomes joy and pure fun. Sometimes a challenge, yes, but only towards oneself and the goals we set ourselves (that we set): Will I be able to climb that rise? Will I finish that route?
In conclusion Vintage Cycling contains the true SENSE OF SPORT!
Like all the passions, that for vintage bikes also brings with it culture and research. It pushes to inquire and study. Finding the right replacement piece, coherent with the time the bike was built, matching clothing to the mean on which we pedal, It means having spent time leafing through old catalogs, carefully examined the old photos of heroic cycling, listened to the tips and suggestions of the most experienced people, maybe having spent hours in some workshop of some old mechanic to observe and steal the tricks of the craft. And what a satisfaction to find the spare part you are looking for and complete the restoration of your bike! Give it a new life, get on it and make it run again in the wind: this is an unsurpassed happiness.
Vintage Cycling as lifestyle also. The passion for the bike combines with discovering wonderful places and landscapes, which you can often only enjoy if you are riding a bicycle. Discovering the flavors of the typical products of those places and knowing the people who live there is a continual enrichment and it induces to interpret life in a quieter, more reflective way, out of the stress of daily life and the problems to which “fast” living forces us.

Finally Vintage Cycling to live better!