SIZE: 57 cm vertical, 56 cm horizontal

CONDITION: Conservative restoration.

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Bottecchia was created by Teodoro Carnielli (Ganna’s dealer and founder of Carnielli in 1909) in 1926 in Vittorio Veneto (then Caverzere VE), with the support of twice Tour winner (1924 and 1925) O. Bottecchia. In the 1930s, Carnielli took over also the Stucco bikes. At the end of the sixties the company’s leadership was taken by the sons of Teodoro, Guido and Mario. The brand changed property in the late nineties.

Gianni Motta ran with Bottecchia in 1956, Rudy Altig won the 1966 World Championship with Bottecchia and Giuseppe Saronni won the Giro d’Italia in 1979 with Botecchia.
The bike had a conservation restoration. The paintings and the brands are
original. The model is the top of the range and mounts the Campagnolo Gran sport group, Universal brakes pat. 453949, Magistroni headset and crankset (50Tx47T) branded Bottecchia. Ambrosio stem and stem bar, Scheffield aluminum pedals, Cornez toe clips, Brooks seat. Free wheel 15T x 23T. As with the frames of that period, it mounts grease holes for greasing on the bottom bracket and head tube.


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