A challenging restoration. Alcyon 1920s.

I must say that when I bought this bike, I had many doubts about the outcome of the restoration, but it was still an Alcyon, in my opinion the most beautiful French bike of the 1920s, and I had to try and get it back. The restoration took almost two weeks. Only disassembling it, given the rust encrustations present everywhere, was a feat. The most complicated intervention was the one on the frame: the goal was to make the splendid celestial Alcyon flourish again. A lot of patience, but in the end the result went beyond all expectations.

This was one of the restorations that gave me the most satisfaction. It was exciting to see this small piece of cycling history flourish under my hands.

Bikes found. U. Dei Marca Oro 1937, Legnano Roma 1947

I present to you two exceptional finds. A U. Dei from 1937 and a Legnano Roma from 1947. The U. Dei in particular is wonderfully preserved. Purchased before the war, it was hung in an attic and has remained there until today. Perfect painting and chrome plating, it was enough to disassemble it to be able to grease all the movements. Complete in everything, as it was purchased more than eighty years ago, after a consistent clean to remove the dust accumulated over time, it has returned to shine in its beautiful and elegant red-green livery. The legnano Roma instead, shows all the signs of the battles it has experienced. But precisely for this reason it has the charm of the lived and preserved. Complete in all its parts, it was only necessary to replace the brake levers, only one of the original was left, the other broken. Clean in its lines with the Campagnolo Corsa gearbox this bike represents an important piece of Italian cycling.

Umberto Dei Marca Oro 1937

Legnano Roma Cambio Corsa 1947