S.F. Constocteur New Progress 20’s


Brand: New Progress S.F. Controcteur

Production year: 20’s

Size: 53 cm vertical, 59 cm horizontal

Condition: preserved

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Beautiful French 1920s original in all its parts, with a beautiful patina that testifies to the century of life of the bike. Hubs with oiler, band brakes, original leather saddle, iron rims with decoration in the same color as the frame. The plate affixed to the frame identifies the owner of the bike, M. me Pardoux, of the Cosne D’Allier Red Cross, a small town in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes. Probably a noble or at least a wealthy lady, in the 1920s it was women of high society who were part of the Croix Rouge. And transgressive, riding a racing bike in the 1920s must have been something unusual for a woman anyway. The handlebar, of a very particular shape, indicates the use by a woman.

On the bike a conservative restoration has been carried out. Completely overhauled, it is ready to be ridden.


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