Arbos Racing Team

Brand: ARBOS

Model: Racing Team

Prodution year: 50’s

Size: 56 vertical, 56 horizontal c/c

Condition: preserved


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The ARBOS brand of Piacenza was born from the acronym of two names, Araldi and Boselli, owners of the company. Arbos bikes are of excellent workmanship, with particularly worked conjunctions. The design of the fork head is unmistakable. Arbos had a professional team with partners such as Pirelli, Clement, Talbot, with whom it participated in the most important competitions throughout the 1940s and 1950s. They raced with Arbos, Luciano Pezzi, Assirelli, Pierino Baffi, Fornara bikes.

The bike presented belongs to the Arbos racing team and was used by Renato Ponzini, winner of a Coppa Bernocchi in 1955. Origin: Ponzini family. The bike is in good condition, with original chrome paint and decals. Interesting is the extension of the saddle node intended to make the saddle hold more resistant. The bike is equipped with Campagnolo Parigi Roubaix gearbox. Gran Sport hubs. Magistroni movements and crankset. Cinelli handlebars and stem. Universal brakes patent 453949. FOM pedals. Brooks saddle. Nisi rims. The frame is stamped under the bottom bracket shell with the number 3.


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