Legnano Olimpiade Record Specialissima 1973



 MODEL: Olimpiade Record Specialissima


 SIZE: 54 cm vertical, 55 cm horizontal

 CONDITION: preserved

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Legnano is the brand that can boast more success in cycling races. It was born in 1902 with the brand “Lignon”, which later became Legnano. In 1908 the management went to Emilio Bozzi who already owned the brands Frejus and Perla. In the 40s and 50s he is Bianchi’s strongest competitor, both commercially and agonistically. They have raced with Legano the greatest champions: Binda (three world championships), L. Guerra, G. Bartali. Fausto Coppi at the beginning of his career. Ercole Baldini (World Championship and Record of the Hour).


The bike presented is in excellent condition, original paint and decals. It is equipped with a Campagnolo Nuovo Record group. Universal 68 brakes and brake levers. 3TTT handlebar and stem. Sella Italy. Nisi rims. The bike has been prepared to take part in cycling historical races and is fitted with 25mm rims and bands and 14/32 freewheel. It has been completely refurbished and is ready to be pedaled.


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