Labor 10’s/20’s




SIZE: 58 cm. vertical, 59 cm horizontal

CONDITION: preserved


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The LABOR bikes were produced by Neuilly sur Seine – Hauts de Sein. The most famous model is that of the bike in question with a bridge frame, then imitated by other French bike manufacturers. The particular structure of the frame gave the bike a great robustness and for this reason it took the nickname of “Queen of the Roubaix”, a race that put under a lot of stress the bikes. Eugène Christophe and Françoise Faber raced with a LABOR.

The bike presented is in good condition, some paint touches. The chassis number and some characteristics of the chassis place it between the end of the first decade of the 1900s and the early 1920s. It is mounted with S.G.D.C. band brakes. Ideal leather saddle. Hubs with greaser. Beautiful iron handlebar. A conservative restoration was carried out on the bike. Completely disassembled, cleaned all components and regreased. It is ready to be ridden.


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