La Française Diamant 20’s

Brand: La Francaise Diamant

Model: course

Production year: 20’s

Size: 54 cm vertical, 58 cm horizontal c/c

Condition: preserved

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La Française is a very old company (1889) which has contributed to the development of the bicycle in France and in the world, both by the diversity of its models and by the fame of the corridors that have used them. In 1890, Pierre-Victor Besse and François Trépier created the Société La Française, a bicycle and spare parts factory in Paris. La Française also manufactured motorcycles and automobiles. In 1901 Maurice Garin (nicknamed the little chimney sweep) won the Paris-Brest-Paris on a La Française bicycle, and in 1903 Maurice Garin himself won the first Tour de France on a La Française bicycle. In 1924, Edmond Gentil became the main shareholder of La Française and the victories followed: in 1911, La Française again won the Paris-Brest-Paris with Emile Georget. After the First World War, in 1919, La Française became part of the La Sportive consortium, a group of many French brands.

Beautiful La Francaise Diamant in good condition. Original in every component and detail. Diamant branded cranks, pedals and hubs. Bowden brakes. Lamplugh saddle. Iron circles. The bike has been overhauled and is ready to ride.


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