De Rosa 1973

Brand: De Rosa

Production: Year: 1973

Size: 50,5 cm vertical, 51 cm horizontal c/c

Condition: preserved


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De Rosa was founded by Ugo De Rosa in 1953 in Milan. In the 1960s his bikes are now famous and he supplies Rick Van Loy Faema, Ibac (1964), and Gastone Nencini’s Max Mayer (1967). In 1973 he begins his collaboration with Eddy Merckx and Ugo De Rosa will become a mechanic for Molteni. It will continue to supply its bikes to other professional teams and great champions: Filotex by Francesco Moser, Sammontana by G.B. Braronchelli, Ariostea, C&A, Fiat France and many others. Starting in the 1980s, Ugo’s sons, Danilo, Doriano and Cistiano joined the company. De Rosa is one of the most important brands of racing bikes and Made in Italy.

The bike presented is a very particular particular model made in a few examples. It was in fact made by Ugo De Rosa by welding, for the passage of the rear derailleur and derailleur cables to the bottom bracket box, supports with small pulleys to facilitate their sliding. The conditions are excellent despite its fifty years. Original chrome and decals color. It is fitted with a Campagnolo Nuovo Record group. Campgnolo Super Record pedals. Cinelli stem and handlebar. You look for Nisi. Cinelli Unicanitor saddle. The bike has been completely overhauled and is ready to use.


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