Colnago Master 1986



MODEL: Master


SIZE: 53 cm vertical, 54 cm horizontal

CONDITION: restored

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Ernesto Colnago was born in Cambiago (Milan) on 9 February 1932. In 1953, after various experiences, including a period of work at the GLORIA company where he learned the trade, he opened his own workshop in his native country. In 1954 he participated as a mechanic at the FGiro d’Italia with the Nivea team of Fiorenzo Magni. He will continue as a mechanic in the Team Leo Chlorodont and in 1957 will build the bicycle with which Gasone Nencini wins the Giro d’Italia.
Increasingly appreciated as a builder, it links its name and its brand to the Molteni of Eddy Merxkx and the SCIC of Baronchelli. For Eddy Merckx will cost the bike with which the Belgian will set the time record.

Colnago bikes have been used by over one hundred professional teams, 2500 rbicycle racer who have collected over 7500 victories worldwide. Colnago bikes are one of the most prestigious brands of Made in Italy.

Raced with Colnago, Magni, Nencini, Merckx, Saronni, Motta, Baronchelli, Dancelli, Bugno, Musseuw, Rominger, Tonkov, Zabel and Petacchi.

The Colnago Master is a racing bike frame produced by Colnago since 1983.

It is a frame that has marked an epochal transition in the world of cycling, thanks to particular innovations including the shaped section of the tube which was therefore no longer circular. This shape, which was given to special cold drawn pipes, is also famous as the star profile “S4” Gilcodesign designed and built exclusively for Colnago.

Colnago Master 1st series in perfect condition. Mounted with Campagnolo C Record Group. Delta 2nd series brakes. 3TTT stem and handlebar. Looking for FIR.

It is equipped with a dedicated saddle.

The original Colnago jersey is included in the price.


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