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SULLA CRESTA DELL’ONDA Gastone Nencini e quel 1960

1960 was a fundamental year for Gastone Nencini, from all points of view, not only sporty but also human. The Tour de France wins, before him only Bottecchia, Bartali and Coppi had won the Grand Boucle, close to the success at the Giro d’Italia, which will elude him for only 28 seconds, and knows the love of his life Maria Pia. The love found and the expectation of his first child will give him that serenity and that inner charge to achieve those successes, first of all the Tour, which will consecrate him as the champion we know. In this book an old journalist, who in 1960 had followed that Tour as a reporter, tells a young colleague the story and the protagonists of that edition, the tragedy of the fall of Roger Rivére, the controversial relationship between Binda and Gastone Nencini and that between the yellow jersey and teammates, the “yellow” that lies behind the famous handshake between Charles De Gaulle and the Tuscan champion. At the same time the love story between Gastone and Maria Pia is narrated, a “clandestine” love story in a popular Florence that has now disappeared. In the book are published the letters that Gastone Nencini wrote from the Giro d’Italia and from the Tour de France to Maria Pia, which give us back the unpublished portrait of a sweet and in love man.