Wilier Triestina Superleggera

Brand: Wilier Triestina

Model: Superleggera

Prodution year: 80’s

Size: 57 cm vertical, 57 cm horizontal


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Initially the company name was simply Wilier, an acronym of W Italia Libera and Redenta. Later, in the autumn of 1945, there were still strong popular sentiments towards the tormented city of Trieste to add the adjective Triestina to the appellation. After the Second World War the son of the founder Pietro, Mario, took over the company driving it in the world of competitive competitions, forming its own team that participated in the Giro d’Italia in the editions from 1946 to 1951. At the end of the forties a young runner, Fiorenzo Magni, who became the third man in the Coppi-Bartali dualism winning the Giro d’Italia 1948. In 1950 Ferdi Kübler prevailed in the Tour de France. After a period of inactivity in 1969, the company resumed production thanks to the intervention of the Gastaldello brothers of Rossano Veneto, also in the province of Vicenza near Bassano, who took over the brand. In the seventies, the house became popular again in professional cycling, becoming one of the best Italian bicycle brands. The typical coppery color of the Wilier of the past was taken over with its particular chroming process, which became a symbol of the Venetian house.

The bike presented is in perfect condition. The frame is new, mounted for the first time. 
It is set up with the Campagnolo Super Record group. Handlebar and 3TTT attack. Ambrosio rims. 
Flite Titanium saddle. The bike has been completely overhauled and greased and is ready to ride.


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