Touring 1929

Brand: Touring

Production year: 1929

Serial number: 211250

Size: 54 cm vertical, 59 cm Horizontal

Condition: preserved


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The Touring brand was born in Milan at the beginning of the century and soon became part of the Bianchi group. Considered by many to be a sub-brand of Bianchi in reality, in the 20s and 30s, it maintains an excellent quality, fitting frames and components of the Bianchi itself, even following, as in the case of the bike presented, the serial of Bianchi bikes. It is not rare to find bicycles with this brand in all respects equal to those of the parent company.

The bicycle presented is from 1929 (date stamped on the bottom bracket covers) of solid construction. Bike made to last, has come down to us in excellent condition. Excellent paint and original brands. The bike has a very long wheelbase (characteristic of the bikes of the time) the frame dimensions are in fact 53 x 59 cm.

Equipped with Bowden brake and brake levers, F.N.I. leather saddle, iron stem and handlebar. The hubs are with greaser and the cranks are marked Touring.

The bike has been totally overhauled and is ready to be pedaled.


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