Tommasini (Thomas) 1975


Brand: Tommasini

Model: Thomas Racing

Production year: 1975

Size: 54 cm vertical, 54 cm horizontal

Condition: restored

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Tommasini has been producing racing bicycles since the post war period. In 1957, after working in an important Milanese company, he founded his own business in Grosseto in Tuscany.
In the ’70s he produced bikes with the Thomas Racing brand, produced in few specimens and much rarer than the bikes marked Tomassini. In 1956 he was a mechanic in the Nivea-Fuchcs team, with Faliero Masi.

The bike presented has been restored with a new painting faithful to the original and with new chrome. Mount Campagnolo Nuovo Record group. Campagnolo Super Record crankset. Brakes and brake levers Universal pat. 453949. Sella San Marco Concor. Stem and handlebar 3TTT. Nisi rims.


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