Montelatici Firenze 1965


Brand: Montelatici Firenze

Model: Special

Production year: mid 60’s

Size: 59 cm vertical, 59 cm horizontal

Condition: preserved

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The Montelatici bicycle shop, located in via Gioberti 5 in Florence and active from the post-war period until the mid-1990s, has been a reference point for Florentine cyclists for over forty years. Vasco Montelatici was a great friend of Cino Cinelli with whom he competed in the junior category in the 1930s and his bikes have been used by many Florentine and Tuscan riders. Montelatici was a mechanic from Roberto Poggiali who raced using one of his bicycles. The bike presented is of excellent workmanship with very light junctions and can be placed around the mid-60s. It is fitted with Campagnolo Record group, high flange hubs and 151 bolt crankset. Universal brakes and brake levers mod. 61. Saddle Brooks. 3TTT Gran Prix handlebar and stem. Nisi rims.


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