Maino 1949

Brand: Maino

Model: Supercorsa

Serial number: 148020

Production year: 1949

Size: 55cm vertical, 56 cm horizontal

Conditions: preserved


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The Maino company was founded in Alexandria 1986 for the production of bicycles, in 1902 the production of motorcycles began which ended in 1910. In the 30s Maino reached the peak of production and in those years the model ” Superlusso” walking shoe that will become an icon of the Alessandrino brand. As for the racing models the most prestigious are the Campionissimo and its evolution the Supercampionissimo. In 1939 the Maino was purchased by the Rizzato di Padova. Giovanni Maino decided to sell as long as he retained the Girardengo brand for himself. Giovanni Maino joined Girardengo and opened a small company carrying on the Girardengo brand, presenting itself for several seasons among professional teams. Maino Costante Girardengo and Learco Guerra raced with this bike and won the 1931 World Championship with this bike.

They run with Maino Bike Costante Girardengo and Learco Guerra raced with won the 1931 World Championship with this bike.

The bike presented is in excellent condition. It is fitted with Campagnolo Corsa rear derailleur and Symplex front derailleur. Campagnolo steel-aluminum hubs. Universal brakes patented 361666. Patented 361666 aluminum brake levers . Stem Steel handlebar and handlebar. Sella Aquila. Looking for Nisi.


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