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Emilio Garlatti, founder of the IVES brand, started its activity at the beginning of the century in San Vito al Tagliamento. He started repairing and selling the bicycles that were used during World War I by the “Bersaglieri” (riflemen). In the post-war period the activity grew steadily and in the years of World War II Emilio Garlatti founded IVES “Industria Velocipedi Emiliana Sala” in Parma. At the same time, however, he maintained the activity at San Vito, which was used for the sale of bicycles built in Parma.
Emilio was succeeded by his son Alvise and the bicycles he built were branded with the Wander brand, a brand of recognized quality.

The presented bike has been repainted respecting the original color. The bicycle has beautifully well-crafted junctions and mounts the best of the racing bikes of that time: Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur, front dérailleur and hubs. UNIVERSAL brakes pat.453949, UNIVERSAL brake levers mod. 51. Magistroni crankset, bottom bracket and headset. Ambrosio Champion stem and stem bar. Brooks b17 seat. NISI TORO rims


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