Gloria Garibaldina 30’s





 SIZE: 53cm vertical, 56cm horizontal

 CONDITION: preserved

 PRICE: 1600 euros

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The foundation of the company dates back to August 18, 1921 by Alfredo Focesi, a great enthusiast for cycling races, Francesco Galmozzi (who later founded the homonymous company) and Artemisia Gerbi, wife of Focesi and sister of the racer Giovanni Gerbi. The full corporate name “A.M.F. Gloria” came from the contraction of the words “Alfredo Focesi of Milan, GLORIA bicycles”.

In 1922, Gloria’s production, oriented on racing bikes, obtained quickly the success thanks to the victory of the world championship. In 1927, Gloria moved its production site to Milan in a building in boulevard Abruzzi, while opening in the avenue Buenos Aires a sports and cycling shop.

In 1954 the company had become a joint stock company with the name “Commerciale Gloria spa”, but the choices related to the expansion of the business did not prove to be happy and on 21 February 1955 the Milan court declared the bankruptcy of the company.


Gloria Garibaldina with its unmistakable elegance in black and cream. The bike presented has been restored conservatively. Hubs, crankset, stems marked GLORIA. Mount brakes and Universal berv brake levers. 3616666. The rear derailleur is a Simplex World Champion. Iris leather saddle. Aluminum rims.


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