Gitan 1958




SIZE: 55 cm vertical, 55,5 cm horizontal

CONDITION: preserved

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Gitan was founded by Giuseppe Tansini (hence the name GI-TAN) in Caorso, a town in the province of Piacenza.The activity started in 1940 and was interrupted from 1943 to 1945: due to the war and the German raids.It resumes its activity in the post-war period, with the production of both touring and racing bicycles.The runner Attilio Pavesi of Caorso used racing bicycles produced in his country.Gitan is still active and sells sports and touring bicycles.The current owner is the son-in-law of the founder.

The presented bike is fitted with the Campagnolo Gran Sport group, Cinelli steel stem, Universal pat. 453949 brakes, Magistroni crankset and head set, Brooks saddle, Nisi rims and Cornez toe clips.

The bike is in excellent condition. It has been completely overhauled and is ready to be pedaled.

2 reviews for Gitan 1958

  1. Elmo Barnardt

    Beautiful example of it’s period

  2. Elmo Barnardt

    Hi Giovanni, is it my imagination or are the head tube and fork legs not aligned? Possibly a frontal impact?

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