Fiorelli 1957


Brand: Fiorelli

Production year: 1958

Size: 57 cm vertical, 57 cm horizontal

Condition: preserved

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Fiorelli was founded in Novi Ligure in 1932 by the Rinaldo brothers, Mario and Lino Fiorelli. In the ’50s he created a team, with Ferdy Kubler, Jean Robic and Ugo Koblet, later he became part of the Spanish “Ignis” team thus giving birth to the “Ignis-Fiorelli” team (with Ferdy Kubler, Ruiz, Miguel Poblet) then also to the “Gazzola” team (with Gaul, Alessandro Fantini, Pettinati); to the Filotex” (Bitossi); to the “Germanvox-Wega” team; to the “Zonca” team (Gianni Motta and Pierino Gavazzi); to the “Carpano-Coppi” team. In the second half of the fifties Fiorelli linked its name to that of Coppi. After a period of collaboration, following the death of Fausto acquires the brand “Coppi”. In the sixties and seventies the name used on bicycles is ”Fausto Copp”, written in italics. Later it will be only “Coppi”. In 1988 the “Coppi” brand was bought by Fratelli Masciaghi.

They also ran with Fiorelli: Schotte, Kubler, Koblet, Gaul, Poblet, Motta, Gavazzi and Bitossi.

The bike presented has been conservatively restored, has its original painting and is in good condition of conservation. It is equipped with the top for that historical period: Campagnolo Gran Sport group. Universal patented 453949 brakes. Headset and bottom braked Magistroni. Simplex crankset. Brooks saddle. Ambrosio steel handlebar stem. It mounts two beautiful Nisi rims decorated with a central yellow line and threaded in blue, made directly by Fiorelli. The bike is ready to be pedaled.


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