Doniselli anni ’50


Brand: Doniselli

Prodution year: 50’s

Serial Number: 351609

Size: 54,5 cm vertical, 56 cm horizontal

Condition: preserved

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Doniselli was born in Milan in 1919. Its production is geared immediately towards work bicycles that are produced for all types of uses such as tricycles and vans. Over the years, the company has increased production with classic and racing bikes with the unmistakable golden yellow color. It will become famous in the sports field when, in the late 50s and early 60s it will supply the bikes to the Ignis team.

This bike is in exellent condition, with original paint and chrome. The bike is fitted with the top of the range in use in those years and given its component it is not be exluded that it belonged to a racer. Mount Campagnolo Gran Sport front and rear derailleur. The bottom bracket, the headset and the crankset are Magistroni Senior. Sheffield pedals. Univeral pat. 443949. Very rare high flange FB hubs. The Cinelli stem and handlebar in iron is equally rare. Milano leather saddle. Fiamme rims. It is finished with Gaslo handlebar caps.

On this bike with exceptional characteristics, a conservative restoration has been carried out, maintainings its integrity and originality.


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