DEI Modello Oro 1940

BRAND: Umberto Dei

MODEL: Modello Oro


SIZE: 55 cm vertical, 56 cm horizontal

CONDITION: preserved


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Umberto Dei starts production of bikes in Milan in 1896. From now the U. Dei bikes are characterized by their quality and the perfection of details, becoming in a short time famous all over the world. The production of the company in Milan focuses mainly on R bikes but also in the production of racing bikes reaches levels of the highest quality, as in the “Milano San Remo” and “Modello Oro” models. The famous Raffaele Di Paco track bike is universally recognized as one of the most beautiful bikes in the world. Umberto Dei himself was an excellent cyclist, participating as a protagonist in the World Championships on the track in Berlin. The brand was then absorbed by Atala.

They raced with bikes Dei Raffaele Di Paco, Antonio Maspes.

The bike presented is very rare to find. It is in exceptional storage conditions. Excellent preservation of painting and brands. It is set up with Vittoria Margherita gearbox. Ambrosio aluminium rims. Universal Extra brakes. Universal brake levers pat. 361666. F.A.T. (Ambrosio Turin Factory) stem. The saddle, the hubs and the cranks are marked U. Dei


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