Cinelli model B 60’s

Brand: Cinelli

Model: model B

Serial number: 6151

Production year: 60’s

Size: 53 cm vertical, 55 cm horizontal c/c

Condiction: preserved


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The bike presented is in good storage conditions. It is fitted with a Campagnolo Record group (151 bolt crankset). High flange record hubs. Seatpost 26.2 mm. Universal 61 brakes. Cinelli steel stem. Brooks saddle. Nisi rims.
The bike has been completely overhauled and is ready to ride.

The “Cicli Giotto Cinelli” was born in 1938-39 in Florence; initially for the production of attacks and handlebars, then also bikes. In 1948 Giotto sold the business to his brother Cino Cinelli, previously a successful runner. Cino had run for Frejùs, Bianchi, Benotto, winning, among other things, the Milan-Sanremo of 1943.

With the transition to Cino, production is moved to Milan. Since the main part of Cinelli’s production consisted of attacks and handlebars, Cino never pushed too much on the sale of complete bicycles: to avoid having competitive relationships with the other bike manufacturers, who were the buyers of its main products. Also for this choice, the Cinelli bikes, after the very first period, have remained high value bikes and high prices, just as high was their technical and innovation content; the Rolls Royces of the bikes have been defined.

In fact, Cinelli has introduced or otherwise widespread numerous innovations in racing bikes:

-the fork with the “sloping” head: making the sheaths of the fork shorter, the rigidity increases; the new design of the fork head also has an aerodynamic advantage;

– a particular saddle joint (from 1953), in which the clamping screw of the seatpost tube crosses the rear pendants of the frame;

– the quick release pedal (M71 of 1973);

– the aluminum handlebar (1963), already existing but widespread by Cinelli;

– the plastic saddle (Unicantor 1962), first introduced by T. Nieddu (famous for the Vittoria change) with which Cinelli will collaborate;

– TIG welding, with the Laser model, whose prototype is from the end of the seventies (see the sheet on this site).

In 1978 Cino Cinelli sells to the Colombo brothers, retiring to a villa in Tuscany. Antonio Colombo, son of Angelo, took the helm. Andrea Cinelli, Cino’s son, remains in the company dealing with marketing (his model is “Cinetica Giotto”, a beautiful bike that has not had great success). The Cinelli is also the first home to have brought Mountain Bike in Italy: with the “Rampichino” of 1984.

The bike presented is in perfect condition. Frame made with Columbus Genius pipes. Special painting "Soft Touch Paint". It is set up with Campagnolo Chorus 8v groupset. Cinelli handlebar and stem. San Marco saddle. Looking for Mavic Reflex.


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