SIZE: 55 cm vertical, 59 cm horizontal

CONDITION: Conservative restoration.

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B.S.A. (Birmingham Small Arms Company) was founded in 1861 in Birmingham by fourteen gunsmiths who had jointly won a governative order for the Crimean War. With the fall of the war production, the company flanked the production of bicycles (1880) and later that of motorcycles (1903).
From the nineties of the nineteenth century bicycles built by BSA were imported and distributed in Italy, mainly in the cities of Turin and Milan, where they became popularly known as “Three Rifles” due to the company logo.

The bicycle has been restored conservatively. From the type of mounted crankset it is possible to date it from 1899 to 1903. The bike in the track configuration mounts a Humber crankset and a track sprocket 30T x 9T. The hubs with oiler, headset, and crankset are marked BSA.


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