Bartali Santamaria 1951

Brand: Bartali Santamaria

Prodution year: 1951

Size: 55 cm vertical, 55 cm horizontal

Serial Number: 41099

Condition: preserved


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The partnership between Gino Bartali and the Santamaria Brothers of Novi Ligure began in 1949 when Bartali decided to found his own team equipped with bicycles bearing his name. The commercial enterprise was not very successful and from 1955 Bartali bikes were made by the Margherita brothers from Genoa. Subsequently also Galmozzi, who had built the Legnano track frames with which Bartali ran, began a short collaboration with the Tuscan champion. Bartali bikes, with their unmistakable yellow livery or orange, are particularly rare, and highly sought after by collectors and enthusiasts of Gino Bartali.

The bike presented is in good condition and is original in every component. It is equipped with a mixed Campagnolo dropout that allows you to mount both the Campagnolo Gran Sport rear derailleur and the Campagnolo Paris Roubaix rear derailleur. In this case it is fitted with a Campagnolo Gran Sport gearbox. Campagnolo Gran Sport hubs marked Bartali. Universal brakes and brake levers pat. 453949. Magistroni Simplex marked Bartali crankset. Cinelli stem and handlebar in steel. Brooks saddle.  Fiamme brev. Longhi rims. The pedals are also marked Bartali.

Bike with great flavor, it has been conservatively restored and is ready to ride.


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