Automoto 1910


SIZE: 53 cm vertical, 59 cm horizontal
CONDITION: Original painting, excellent condition. Conservation restoration.

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Produced in Saint Etienne since 1889, Automoto is one of the most prestigious French brands. Automoto has been protagonist in professional cycling with a team from 1910 until the early 50’s and has counted among its members champions such as Ottavio Bottecchia and Constant Girardengo.

This bike has the classic features of the bikes produced in the first twenty years of the 1900s: Seat tube and fork very inclined that give the classic “lying down” line. It presents wheels 28 x 1 ½, Automoto’s 44 teeth chain rings, Automoto’s 36 holes hubs and a Classic “mustache” handlebar typical of those years with wooden handles. Rear brakes “Le Touriste Bowden”.

The bike had a conservation restoration, was revised in all its parts while preserving all its original component and is ready to ride.

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  1. Shonna Gentry

    The picture looks very soothing to my eyes

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