Eroica 2019

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209 km are many! On the roads of the Eroica are even more! Although in a magnificent course, the long dirt roads, the very hard climbs and the dust make Gaiole’s race a test that pushes riders and bicycles to the limit. We start in the dark, at night, and arrive in the dark. It takes the legs but also the head to stay almost 15 hours by bike! And if you ride with a bike from the 1920s and turn it with 44/46 x 22, then the effort becomes truly Heroic. So congratulations to those who arrived in Gaiole. In particular to friends Federico, Lorenzo, Paolo, Daniele and Bill who finished the race tired but happy to have measured themselves in this difficult test. We still have the small satisfaction that the bikes we prepared for the Eroica came under the banner of Gaiole without problems and, with the dust of those streets, more beautiful than before.

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